Pavan Choudary


Pavan Choudary is the author of best selling motivational and inspirational books and ebooks like How a Good Person can Really Win, When You Are Sinking Become A Submarine, Machiavelli for Moral People and The Rx Factor. Pavan has also authored The Trilogy of Wisdom ─ A set of three books on Chanakya’s Political Wisdom, Confucius’ Social Wisdom and Kabir’s Spiritual Wisdom.

He writes in the genres of Wisdom, Power, Leadership, Realpolitik, Management, Success, Social Reforms, Psychology, Moral Psychology and Professional Ethics & Morals and stands out for his original and practical ideas. Pavan has also coined   several   motivational quotes and inspirational quotes on life and learning.  The Times of India dubs him, “Amongst the foremost thinkers of the world.”

Pavan Choudary is the Managing Director of Vygon, a leading French Multinational and sits on some of the most respected advisory boards of India. He is a much sought after Management Expert & Motivational Speaker and has recently been appointed as the Chairman of CII’s Medical Equipment Division.


Book Reading of Lal Bahadur Shastri - Lessons in Leadership

Venue: Delhi gymkhana event

Date: Friday, 6th June 2014

Time: 5.30 to 7PM

Speakers: Pavan Choudary and Anil Shastri

Success Mantras

How to teach the immoral man a lesson?
Understand the games played by immoral men and learn how goodness coupled with creativity and wisdom can teach them a lesson!

11 Deadly Tactics Immoral Man Uses
Sourced from How A Good Person Can Really Win